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Technologies You Will Learn

Subjects we offer training in:

Professional Digital Design CAD
Computer-aided Manufacturing CAM
Digital Workflows for the Clinic and Laboratory
Materials and their applications

Up coming Courses

Course Names

Basic beginner’s introduction to CAD/CAM Software
Introduction to digital Chrome design
Advance training in 3Shape premium
3Shape TRIOS training

Price Range

The Pricing Range will vary dependent on the level of complexity of the course; the Instructor offering the training course; and the total amount of time required to work through the course material. Lunch and refreshments will be provided and is included in the total fee.


The duration of the courses will typically consist of one or two days (on weekends). Courses will run from 09:00 to 16:30 and includes an hour lunch break and two half-hour tea breaks. The length of the course is dependent on the time required to work through the course materials as well as the level of complexity for the certain training course being offered.


Participants that complete the training courses will receive a Certificate of Completion, to signify their participation and completion of the digital dentistry course that they have selected. This is an official document from 4D Academy verifying the attendance of the trainee.
Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

4D Academy has a dedicated, fully digital training centre equipped with the latest in computing and software, with a central server domain so the Instructor is always in touch with his or her pupils.

Qualified Instructors for Digital Dentistry

We have the Knowledge base to ensure that you will get the maximum benefit from our training course whether you are beginning your digital training, or you have experience in CAD or CAM.

Learn In-Person

In-Person learning is an educational method where the training course content and learning material are taught in-person to a group of qualified dental professionals. This provides for interaction between the student and an instructor. We have kept the classes small enough to ensure that you will receive individual attention should you require it.

Certificate of Completion

On completion of your training course, you will receive a certificate of competence that is a form of acknowledgment awarded by 4D Academy for completing and participate in the training course

About us

4D Academy is staffed by passionate young professionals who understand digital dentistry.

We bring together qualified dental professionals and or qualified dental technician that are willing to upskill their knowledge about digital dentistry and its opportunities. We want to encourage and educate the many components of digital dentistry and how it can transform your practice (Laboratory or Clinical) and make dentistry more pleasant and insightful for you and your patients.

We want to impart our knowledge and we aim to leave modern dentistry in better shape than we found it.

4D Academy has identified a gap in the dental industry, there has been a lack of digital training in the South African market, and we have taken the step to fill this educational void. Assisting dentist and dental technicians to increase their knowledge of digital dentistry.
It is a big step to go digital and, in our experience, the newcomer is always apprehensive about taking the plunge into digital dentistry. Newcomers worry about their lack of know-how and where to acquire the digital skills that they need to succeed. Now newcomers have an academy dedicated to their digital education.

Digital Knowledge

Attend one of our courses and enjoy the learning environment that we offer. Interact with like-minded students who are keen to improve their digital knowledge. Exchange ideas and learn from each other while enjoying the course with its theoretical and practical aspects.